Horoscopes and Slot Machines

Understanding what may or may not happen in the future is something that many people claim can be accomplished with astrology. By reading the alignment of the stars, it is said that people can easily predict the events of the day, week, month or even year.

The popularity of Horoscopes

Although many people consider it a superstition, they still log on to their favorite casino websites or open up their local newspapers and head directly for the horoscopes section. Here, people find information that helps them to understand the future based solely upon their birthdate and placement within the Zodiac calendar and must avoiding emotions in game . Due to this extreme popularity, Cryptologic has designed a few different games that combine horoscopes with everyone's favorite casino game--slots.

The Daily Horoscope Game

Astrology buffs all over the world enjoy this game because of its theme of popular online gambling. The sights and sounds are amazing and gameplay is incredibly exciting. The setting is medieval, lending to the point in time when astrology was made available to people of all social standings. Many animations in the game show the connections of constellations in the sky that are associated with different Zodiac signs. Though all 12 signs of the Zodiac have a place in the game on many options of slots, the two that are most important are the Taurus and Sagittarius signs.


When the Taurus symbol makes an appearance, this signifies a wild card and a chance for the player to win a $25,000 jackpot. Also, when Sagittarius is present and occurs three times across any payline, the player will assume the role of the archer in video game and be allowed to play a mini-game. Here, the player must hit three targets provided by the bonus game in an effort to earn free spins; there are four attempts to do so.

Players who enjoy astrology and reading their horoscopes every day will certainly enjoy this game offered by Cryptologic. Full of excitement and beauty, the future may hold as much as $25,000!