Branded Slots in Online Casinos

Online casinos often offer dozens of slot machine choices to their patrons; for the more potential to Win these come in all different sizes and types. However, branded slots in online casinos are making a huge statement and bringing more and more business than casinos ever thought possible.

What is a Branded Slot Machine?

A branded slot machines can be defined as a machine that is designed after a popular movie, video game, board game or musician. In order to create these machines, the developers responsible for them must sign a contract with whoever owns the rights and either pay a fee or pay royalties from the income they make. They are growing in popularity and can be found in many casinos, both online and land-based.

Huge Movies

Before a software developer creates a slot machine in the image of a movie, they must first consider the impact that the movie has on the general public. Lord Of The Rings, the Harry Potter series and the Twilight Saga would all be prime candidates due to their immense popularity and huge monetary impact on the industry. Thus far, the Harry Potter series on the casino websites has brought its creator more than $15 billion in revenue with much more expected to come.


Football--known as soccer in the United States--is one of the most popular sports in the world. The World Cup brings millions of spectators and is estimated to boost the economies of all of the hosting countries. As such, it only makes sense that slot machine and online slot developers would choose to partner with companies like Manchester United in order to create new machines that are based upon this sport. Players would certainly love the opportunity and the revenue would be well worth the investment.

Branded online slot machines and video game are perhaps the most recognizable games in the entire casino industry. Almost everyone will find a machine that suits their favorite movies, sports, games and more all under one virtual roof.