Alternative Sports Themes in Rival Gaming Slot Machines

Branded slot games are one of the most versatile forms of online gaming. While the basic structure of the game stays relatively constant over thousands of different games on the casino websites , the themes can vary wildly. Sports themes feature heavily in many of Rival Gaming's most popular sports games.

Alternative Sports

The themes of Rival Gaming's sports have fantastic bonuses slots aren't just limited to the American mainstays of football and basketball. While these popular sports are certainly represented, what makes Rival Gaming slot machines stand out are the many alternative sports represented. There are games like Bowled Over, which takes its inspiration from bowling. There's also Hole in Won, which allows players to draw on the images of golf.

Innovative New Games

Not only do these alternative sports themed slot games feature the graphics of their sports inspirations; there are also several hidden bonus games that recreate the feel of the sports. For instance, in Hole in Won, players can trigger a mini-game where they putt a ball across the green. If the player gets it in one shot, the game could reward the player with a multiplier on every winning. The bonus and jackpots content allows these sports-themed games to transcend mere graphics and instead give players truly alternative gaming experience.

With the alternative sports themes in Rival Gaming slot machines, players can expand their appreciation of both the slots and Microgaming and the sports games they encounter. Fans of all kinds find representation with these slots games as they win money and have fun doing it.